Cannabis Producers Moving Product for Less

Written By: Stratton Report
June 13, 2018


Apex Trading, a technology company with the goal of being the cannabis industry standard for wholesale transactions, announced today that it has completed its Apex Trading Custom Storefront beta test. After having been rolled out to a dozen cultivation and extraction businesses of various sizes and needs, the software is now launching to all licensed cannabis producers across Colorado, Oregon, Washington and all legal markets.

The Apex Trading Custom Storefront gives cannabis producers everything they need to serve their wholesale buyers with individualized, cutting-edge online shopping experiences. With a single point to upload their inventory, sellers create shareable links with custom product sets and pricing tiers through which their clients can easily place orders. Apex Trading Custom Storefronts not only create efficiencies with order management, built-in logistics and standardized processes, but also allow producers to present their brand in a refined, professional manner.

John Manlove, CEO and founder of Apex Trading commented

The response we received about the Apex Trading Custom Storefronts beta launch was fantastic, and we’ve already helped sellers move more than $150,000 of product. The storefronts give producers an easy way to engage buyers and get all of their accounts ordering under one process. But, this is just one element of the entire Apex ecosystem. When coupled with the acquisition tools of our marketplace and the business intelligence from our dashboards, Apex Trading is really helping business save money, move product and thrive.”

“When John and Tony at Apex Trading approached us about their new online platform, my expectations were in-line with what I’ve seen out there already – I could not have been more wrong!” says Jordan Stauder, General Manager of Rocky Mountain Green Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. “The new Apex Trading platform and marketplace takes the place of several tools and processes we’d otherwise track with less-streamlined methods and tools – manually done in some cases. The platform will save us valuable time as a stellar tool for order management, client engagement, order fulfillment and overall compliance. A no brainer for the legal cannabis industry, Apex Trading brings pivotal benefits to licensed cannabis businesses everywhere.”

With the storefront software complete and delighting their clients, Apex Trading is now working on their 2.0 Apex Trading Open Marketplace with enhanced navigation, auctions and deals sections.

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