Discover New Opportunities as the SPP & MISO Markets Experience Their Biggest Transformation in a Generation!

In SPP and MISO there are big changes afoot. Both SPP and MISO are retiring coal plants which opens the door for additional renewable projects but brings concerns of reliability to the forefront. In addition, the upcoming revisions to the SPP and MISO Joint Operating Agreement raise the prospects of improved interregional planning and market-to-market transfers at the seam for lower energy costs.

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However, as illustrated by the uncertain fate of the SPP’s expansion plans with the Mountain West Transmission Group, the situation remains fluid, and only those with the best and latest information on new developments will be able to take full advantage of the new realities in both of these organized markets. For example, questions remain about the long project interconnection queue backlog in both regions and exactly how the interregional planners will move forward.



As a result, Infocast’s groundbreaking SPP & MISO Markets Summit will be the very first public meeting to deliver a full range of insights from key regulators and leading utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives. They will provide the very latest information on solutions for a revamped Joint Operating Agreement, market expansion, resource adequacy, reliability and resiliency, and T&D investment plans. As SPP and MISO jointly experience their biggest transformation in over a decade, the time is now for IPPs, renewable developers, T&D developers, and smart grid solutions providers to grow with the markets.

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Venue: Intercontinental Kansas City at the Plaza
401 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64112

Don’t miss the Executive Briefing, SPP & MISO Markets Conditions and Projections, to get the latest market update including: Generation mix, what’s in the queue, load projections, power pricing forecasts, and more!