Offshore Wind Implementation 2018 will bring state and federal regulators and policymakers together with leading offshore wind leaseholders and developers to explore the paths to offshore wind project implementation. They will discuss the thorniest challenges these projects face, from interconnection and integration with onshore energy markets to developing sufficient local content to meet state requirements without jeopardizing project cost and schedule.

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Finally, the conference will explore how to ensure that bankable projects emerge from this process by fully taking advantage of state and federal tax benefit and incentive programs, and meet the likely criteria to obtain both debt and equity financing. Learn from state regulators, policymakers and major developers how they are approaching the challenges of permitting and interconnecting offshore wind projects

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Pre-Summit Executive Briefing:
Rapidly Reducing the Costs of Offshore Wind in the U.S.
Executive Briefing attendees will learn how to establish a path forward to a cost-effective supply chain in the US and how to translate the European experience to the US market. Preeminent experts in the field will discuss preparing ports for staging offshore wind, developing Jones Act compliant marine logistics, and reducing the cost for environmental studies

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