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PJM and its market participants are entering an unprecedented period of uncertainty following the results of 2020/2021 Base Residual Auction (BRA), marking the first time PJM’s capacity market will procure only capacity performance (CP) resources. The shift in the CP paradigm represents a fundamental change in PJM’s market rules that introduces new risks and new opportunities.

  • Will winners and losers be created by transitioning to 100% Capacity Performance in this dynamic market?
  • Will debates over state-approved subsidies and the PJM market continue to impact market participants? What will be the outcome?
  • What is the role of renewable energy, demand response and energy storage under Capacity Performance?
  • How will changing gas flows and supplies from the Marcellus impact the economics of new gas builds?

Stratton Report is a proud media partner of Infocast’s Mid-Atlantic Power Market Summit, set for October 24 – 25, which will bring Policymakers together with Utility, IPP, DR and Renewables executives to examine the fundamental shift in PJM’s capacity market rules that are driving changes and creating new paradigms in the market. Stakeholders will explore state power policies impact on the PJM market, examine the opportunities for renewable energy, storage and DR and provide their perspectives on new projects in the PJM market.

The Pre-Summit Briefing, Navigating PJM’s Capacity Market: Identifying Risks & Maximizing Opportunities, set for October 23, will provide a deep-dive into the new market rules and inherent uncertainties surrounding PJM’s transition into 100% Capacity Performance. Attendees will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to identify and manage risk, and maximize opportunities to bolster their position by implementing key strategies in this highly important market.