A RAFT OF RESIDENTIAL ENERGY STORAGE PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS suggests that a new segment of the distributed renewables market is emerging.

Tesla’s Powerwall is drawing media attention, and the interest of thousands of “Prosumer” home-owners. There are also indications of interest from large new production home-builders in bundling storage into rooftop solar installations.

However, there are many questions as to how this will all shape up:
What will be the core value propositions and business models for residential energy storage?

• How will those value propositions likely evolve over time as energy regulation advances—what should providers prepare for in selling today’s systems?

• In what regions will residential storage make the most economic sense?

• What are the comparative merits and weaknesses of current equipment and software?

• What will be the most productive sales channels for these products?

• How will these products be financed? How will residential energy storage impact home valuations and insurance?

This complimentary webinar will provide an early overview of the key developments in this exciting new space at the intersection of renewable energy, real estate and the grid.