About the Webinar

“RESI” – Residential Energy Storage Outlook

Wednesday, November 16 : 10:30-11:45 AM PST

A RAFT OF RESIDENTIAL ENERGY STORAGE PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS suggests that a new segment of the distributed renewables market is emerging. Tesla’s Powerwall is drawing media attention, and the interest of thousands of “Prosumer” home-owners. There are also indications of interest from large new production home-builders in bundling storage into rooftop solar installations.

However, there are many questions as to how this will all shape up:
What will be the core value propositions and business models for residential energy storage?

• How will those value propositions likely evolve over time as energy regulation advances—what should providers prepare for in selling today’s systems?

• In what regions will residential storage make the most economic sense?

• What are the comparative merits and weaknesses of current equipment and software?

• What will be the most productive sales channels for these products?

• How will these products be financed? How will residential energy storage impact home valuations and insurance?

This complimentary webinar will provide an early overview of the key developments in this exciting new space at the intersection of renewable energy, real estate and the grid. Attendees will have a chance to submit live questions via email, and view detailed slides.


“RESI” – Residential Energy Storage Outlook
Wednesday, November 16 :10:30-11:45 AM PST


Webinar Panelists

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Principal, NORTHBRIDGE ENERGY PARTNERS

Mr. Peter Kelly-Detwiler is an independent consultant with 25 years of experience in electricity markets. Mr. Kelly-Detwiler has held a series of executive positions, including SVP of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response unit, overseeing a business that ultimately grew to 1,700 MW of dispatchable load, with annual revenues exceeding $80 million. He also ran Constellation Energy’s New England Operations unit, taking that retail energy business unit from zero to over one billion dollars in annual revenues. He holds granted or pending patents related to Smart Grid demand response applications. As a Principal at NorthBridge Energy partners, Mr. Kelly-Detwiler currently provides strategic consulting to a variety of companies, with a focus on integrating new technologies into the evolving electric power grid. Recent clients have ranged from start-ups to established multinational energy holding companies. Mr. Kelly-Detwiler is a frequent keynote speaker, workshop presenter and panel moderator at various energy conferences, including VERGE, The Appalachian Energy Summit, Energy Storage North America, Haystack, the Energy Thought Summit, Money and Projects, and SXSW Eco. He is also a frequent contributor to Forbes.com and other publications, having written over 200 energy-related pieces in the past three years. He is currently working on a book addressing the topic of innovation and disruption in the electric power industry

Doug Houseman, VP of Technology & Innovation, ENERNEX

Doug Houseman, VP of Technical Innovation at Enernex, is working with clients all over North America and Australia on issues related to Smart Grid/Metering/Homes and other related issues. He works with regulators, utilities and vendors to the market to help move the industry to the next generation grid, as well as the next generation of customer relationship. Doug has extensive experience in the energy and utility industry and has been involved in projects in more than 30 countries. He is routinely invited to speak at international events in the industry and has been widely quoted in a number of international publications. Doug was named part of the World Generation Class of 2007, one of 30 people in the global utility and energy industry so named. He was the lead investigator on one of the largest studies on the future of distribution companies over the last 5 years working with more than 100 utilities and 20 governments. Doug has a broad background in Utilities and Energy. He worked for Capgemini in the Energy Practice for more than 15 years. During that time he rose to the position of CTO of the 12,000 person practice. During that same time Capgemini grew from less than $10 million dollars in Energy related revenue to more than $2.4 billion. Doug was part of the Global leadership team and worked all over the world in a thought leadership and delivery role. During that time Doug founded the Smart Energy Alliance, lead the Distribution Roadmap 2025, and developed the smart metering and smart grid practices.

Alex Eller, Research Analyst, Navigant Research

Alex Eller is a research analyst in Navigant Research’s Energy Technologies program, leading syndicated research for the Grid-Tied Energy Storage research service, as well as supporting the Advanced Batteries, Microgrids, and Distributed Renewables research services. Eller specializes in global market analysis and competitive assessments to evaluate new technologies, company strategy, and forecast market growth. Eller has been working in the clean energy industry for four years both at Navigant Research and other market research firms. He has worked with diverse clients, including utilities, Fortune 500 companies, technology start-ups, and leading software providers, to ensure they have a complete understanding of their target markets. Prior to joining Navigant Research, Eller served as a client relations manager at Energy Acuity, where he was also the lead analyst for a research project on the investment strategies of U.S. power utilities. Eller, who is proficient in Spanish, holds a BSBA in international business from the University of Denver.