SunZia is a 515-mile, 500kV independent transmission project that will connect high-quality wind and solar resources in New Mexico and southern Arizona with markets in the West. The Project comprises two single-circuit 500kV alternating-current transmission lines and a number of substations, with an east to west rating of 3,000 MW. Development of the Project commenced in 2006 and construction of the first line is expected to commence by the middle of 2018 with commercial operation planned for late 2020.

As a result of being selected as the anchor tenant for SunZia, Pattern Energy is developing a 1,500 MW wind project in central New Mexico. Pattern expects the wind project to be operational by the end of 2020. SouthWestern Power will be an equal partner in the development and ownership of this wind project, subject to obtaining regulatory approval from FERC.

The webinar will review and discuss the development of SunZia, the outlook for SunZia and the associated wind project and the challenges facing developers of such large interstate transmission projects in the western interconnection. This webinar is a preview of an upcoming event:9th Transmission Summit West

David Getts
General Manager

Tom Wray
Project Manager

Adam Cernea Clark
Environmental and Natural Resources Manager