EVENT COMING SOON: Utility of the Future hosted by Stratton Report I San Fran. 12-13 June I New York 15-16 June, 2017

Video Recorded By: Stratton Report
April 12, 2017

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The demands on the electric grid are multiplying. Greater levels of renewable generation, on the one hand, and the increasing number of customer-owned energy assets, on the other, are creating a whole new reality for power grid design and control.

Today many states are working to develop new policy frameworks to enable the power distribution system to evolve in response to these trends. California and New York are the two states moving forward most rapidly in this direction, but many others follow close behind.

Regulators, grid owners, customers, third-party aggregators and technology providers all need to understand how these states, and others, are developing new rules of the game for market and rate design, new business models, and new operational capabilities.

This in-depth tutorial, conducted by experts who are both involved in and deeply familiar with this policy-making process, will provide an invaluable deep dive for anyone who needs to understand the ongoing evolution of the grid and the new policy supporting this evolution.

For anyone who is serious about the grid of the future, this Stratton Report meeting can’t be missed.




San Fransisco & New York
12-13 June & 15-16 June