Stratton Report One Minute Video Interviews at SPI 2017

Michelle Mapel
Director of Sales and Marketing
Sonnen Inc.

What does the interest in solar + storage mean for the residential markets and how does your organization play a part?

Many people are interested in solar + storage. As we mentioned, it’s pretty early adopter market. It’s very much the clean energy. It’s a feeling, it’s a story, it’s understanding why people want to put solar and storage into their homes to power it, grow energy locally, be prepared when the energy grid goes down and be able to use their own energy. So I think part of the story is energy independence. The other part of it is just doing something to help continue to move clean energy forward. In Sonnen, we are looking at all different ways. We’re an innovator in the space. We’ve been around for over 10 years overseas. We’ve been in the US for a couple of years and for us it’s really, how do we innovate and future proof against outages, against a grid that’s got more and more renewable energy coming into it. So how do we both should at it and make it as resilient and responsive as possible and we really come into that with the community side of things and taking these systems and using them for much more than just storing sunlight on the rooftop but building a community that can then help bolster the entire utility grid and end up making us more resilient as an entire country.