Why are Stratton Studios not like other boring industry meetings?

And what the heck is a hybrid meeting?

Allow us to explain.

Stratton Studios will be running a series of live + online sessions on hot topics in the power business. Topics that matter. Trends that need to be recognized… and exploited.

These unusual events will deliver the interactive excitement of a live meeting, but also allow us to extend the conversation online to thousands more via the content we will produce onsite. We’ll provide our studio audience with the ability to network face-to-face with potential partners, customers, vendors and industry innovators, but also get the messages our participants provide to far larger audiences as well.

These live sessions will be structured to provide in-depth, fast-paced, to-the-point, hard-hitting discussions and analysis. Disagreements and debates will be plentiful; so will actionable information.

Mark Twain once said that,

“It’s a terrible death to be talked to death”.

Don’t let it happen to you at a typical industry meeting. Come to a Stratton Studio and meet the future.