Ygrene PACE financing program launches in City of Riverside, CA

Written By: Stratton Report
September 13, 2016


On September 13, Ygrene Energy Fund announced that it has launched its YgreneWorks PACE financing program in the City of Riverside. To date, per the firm, Ygrene has been selected by 294 cities and counties across California and Florida.

To date, YgreneWorks has completed contracts across Riverside County for over $41 million in residential, commercial and multifamily upgrades.

Gary Robinson of Blue Star Energy remarked:

“I’ve worked in the solar industry for over a decade and recently started my own company to help meet the growing demand for renewables in Southern California. Ygrene’s flexible and seamless financing process has really helped to get my business off the ground.”

Working alongside the California Mortgage Bankers Association and other PACE industry providers, Ygrene paved the way for the passing of California Assembly Bill 2693 on August 30, 2016—establishing uniform disclosures for consumers of PACE programs. From application through approval, construction, project completion and funding, Ygrene’s customer protection policies are intended to ensure that consumers are supported every step of the way with its complete set of contractor certification, underwriting, consumer disclosure, data security and senior protection policies.