Wunder Capital launches new solar loan fund

Written By: Stratton Report
November 16, 2015

Wunder Capital

Wunder Capital launches new solar loan fund, projects returns of 11% to investors

On November 16, Wunder Capital announced the launch of the Wunder Bridge Fund, which will provide short-term capital to top-tier commercial solar installers around the country for new project development activities, such as system design and hardware procurement. According to the firm, the fund projects a 11% return annually for 2 years to investors. Loans in the Wunder Bridge Fund will be secured by the solar projects that they finance and the power that those projects generate in the future.

Wunder is designed to permit accredited investors to tap into the growth of the solar industry. The Wunder Income Fund, launched earlier this year, has already financed multiple commercial-scale projects across the country with total project finance originations of $25 million. The Income Fund provides asset-backed loans to existing solar projects. The Income Fund’s target returns are six percent. The new Wunder Bridge Fund is designed to suit investors who are looking for a higher rate of return and a shorter term.

Wunder CEO Bryan Birsic remarks:

“With the launch of the Wunder Bridge Fund, investors can now tailor their investments to their individual risk appetite and capital requirements. We’re dedicated to offering a group of products that allow investors to find ways to build their portfolios while building our post-carbon future.”

Wunder uses a software-enabled process to find and negotiate deals on new projects. The minimum investment for accredited investors is $1,000 over the two-year investment term.. Wunder plans to launch additional strategies as the firm continues to expand.