Viking Cold Named to Food Logistics’ Top Green Provider

Written By: Stratton Report
June 20, 2017

On June 20, 2017, Viking Cold Solutions announced that Food Logistics had named the firm to its Top Green Providers list for 2017. 

Viking Cold claims it leverages thermal energy storage (TES) technology and reduces thermal energy consumption as much as 39%. Viking Cold’s TES system shifts energy demand to night time off-peak hours and reduces on-peak refrigeration runtime during the day.

Per Viking, Food Logistics’ annual Top Green Providers recognized companies that participate in sustainability programs and can involve those facilities that are LEED-certified and have reduced GHG emissions. In this instance, deployment of high-impact demand reduction solutions to industrial refrigeration loads where considered and additionally the integration of sustainability, transportation and logistics to that supply chain.

Viking Cold Solutions CEO, James Bell, commented,

As part of our commitment to cold chain sustainability and reducing environmental impact, we are honored to have provided this phase change material (PCM) technology as it is revolutionizing energy efficiency in the low temperature space with intelligent controls, sensors and monitoring.  This enables operators to determine how and when they purchase and use energy in their freezers.