Vestas works with Tesla to develop batteries in wind turbines

Written By: Katherine Demetre
January 10, 2018

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Recently, Vestas announced their plans to work alongside Tesla in order to integrate power storage into their wind turbines. Vestas has been working towards this goal for a while, dating back to their first test project in Lem-Kaer, Denmark in 2012.

Concerning their plans, Vestas released the statement:

Across a number of projects, Vestas is working with different energy storage technologies with specialized companies, including Tesla, to explore and test how wind turbines and energy storage can work together in sustainable energy solutions that can lower the cost of energy.

Over the years, Tesla has shifted their focus from home batteries to larger energy grids. According to Bloomberg, the collaboration between Tesla and Vestas is just one of many wind-farm battery projects that the company is experimenting on. If initial tests are successful, Vestas plans to expand their test projects worldwide.