Tesla highlights energy storage omission in DOE NOPR

Written By: Katherine Demetre
November 2, 2017

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When the DOE NOPR on grid resiliency was released, renewable insiders wondered why the proposal had glossed over energy storage. Tesla also noticed the omission and immediately dismissed the proposal. The company then sent a comment to FERC, outlining their disapproval and providing recommendations.

Tesla stated:

Based on the ability of energy storage and distributed energy resources to contribute to reliability and especially resiliency, Tesla urges the Commission to dismiss the Proposal, which completely excludes the benefits of energy storage and distributed energy resources, which can be co-located with load in order to provide power even when the transmission and distribution grids are completely demolished; which can island to provide power to additional loads; and whose fuel supply requires no transportation whatsoever. These attributes, which centralized generators lack entirely, give onsite storage an unparalleled ability to support the Secretary’s goals of reliability and resiliency.

Tesla also recommended that FERC should focus on “defining the attributes required to support the grid and developing new, technology-neutral market products to ensure sufficient levels of those attributes.”

In September, the DOE filed a NOPR under the Federal Power Act to enhance grid resilience. FERC opened a docket, RM18-1-000, specifically for the NOPR, and on Oct. 2, issued a notice to the public to send in official comments.

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