Taylor Farms completes 1.1-MW solar array on new facility in Dallas

Written By: Stratton Report
December 6, 2016

On December 6, Taylor Farms announced a solar installation at their new prepared fresh foods facility in Dallas, TX. The company stressed that the 1.1-MW roof mount array is one of the largest commercial solar installations in the state of Texas.

Per Taylor Farms, the project involved support from ONCOR’s Solar Program, a Dallas-based energy distributor, and energy provider MP2. The system will produce an approximately 17 percent energy offset for the plant.
Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability, Taylor Farms remarked: “We are excited to unveil our first, large scale, energy project outside of California. This is an important step for Taylor Farms in taking our sustainability initiatives nationwide. We are very pleased by the success we’ve had working alongside our Texas partners in making this project possible.”

Jeff Reed, Senior Program Manager at ONCOR Energy Efficiency noted:

“ONCOR is pleased to partner with Taylor Farms, and all of our participants, to successfully install and implement solar systems. Energy efficiency is important to our business customers and to make sure we can help meet their needs, we offer several energy efficiency programs. These programs provide incentives that assist them in installing a solar system to reduce their energy consumption and contribute to positively impact the environment.”

According to the firm, this project is the eighth Taylor Farms renewable project in the U.S.; previous projects have included solar, wind, cogeneration and water recycling.