SU FERC announces open solicitation for proposed transmission project

Written By: Stratton Report
March 31, 2016


On March 31, SU FERC, L.L.C. announced an open solicitation process for capacity on the Southline Transmission Project

The Southline project consists of two parts. Part one is the construction of 240 miles of 345-kV double-circuit transmission line and associated facilities (connecting the existing Afton Substation, south of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the existing Apache Substation, south of Willcox, Arizona). Part two involves the upgrade of 120 miles of 115-kV Western Area Power Administration transmission line tto double-circuit 230-kV (connecting the Apache Substation to the existing Saguaro and Tortolita Substations northwest of Tucson, Arizona).

The Project will connect to up to 14 existing substations and may include development of a new substation in Luna County, New Mexico.

According to the firm, SU FERC will allocate up to 100 percent of its capacity rights to customers through what it describes as an open and transparent capacity allocation process.

SU FERC is an affiliate of Sharyland Utilities, L.P., a Texas-based electric utility headquartered in Dallas, Texas. SU FERC is privately-owned by Hunter L. Hunt and other members of the family of Ray L. Hunt, and is managed by Hunter L. Hunt.