Stellar Solar makes price cut, intends to reduce cost of solar by up to 30%

Written By: Stratton Report
June 24, 2016

Stellar Solar

On June 24, Stellar Solar, announced it is now offering residential solar at $2.99 per watt. The firm maintains this is the first of several moves to cut the cost of going solar by up to 30%.

Kent Harle, CEO commented:

“This is not a loss leader or some scam to lure people in – such as the fictitious rebates or cash-back offers that are so prevalent in our industry. This is our new way of doing business. We have streamlined our processes and product offerings and worked hard to over the past 12 months to increase our margins, which now gives us the ability to lower our prices.

Our new model will allow us to maintain our fast growth, gain market share, and increase profits through volume. For the Solar Industry to thrive we need to expand beyond the early adaptors – only a small percentage of San Diego homeowners have installed solar. To do so we need to continue to drive down costs while increasing the reliability and the professionalism of our installations.”