SolarCity to join with Airbnb to market solar to travel hosts and guests

Written By: Stratton Report
October 18, 2016

Solar City Main

On October 18, SolarCity announced that it was partnering with Airbnb to market solar to Airbnb hosts and guests.
SolarCity will offer members of the Airbnb community a rebate – up to $1,000 cash back – on all solar panel systems as part of a limited time offer. The rebate is available to Airbnb members in each market where SolarCity currently operates. New and current SolarCity customers who become Airbnb hosts will receive a $100 Airbnb travel credit.

The two firms stressed that home sharing is a more environmentally sustainable way to travel. According to SolarCity, Airbnb estimates that, based on methodology developed by Cleantech Group, that over the last year, by choosing Airbnb instead of hotels, Airbnb travelers in the US have reduced water consumption by 4.2 billion liters, greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to keeping 560,000 cars off the road for a year, waste by 37,000 metric tons, and energy consumption equivalent to the amount used by 280,000 homes in one year.

Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s Head of Global Public Policy & Communications noted: “Since 1998 we have had 15 of the 16 hottest years recorded and climate change is changing the way we make decisions – everyone is thinking about making better use of what we have. Travelers, especially millennials, want a more sustainable choice and homeowners want to make better use of the 13 million empty houses and 36 million empty bedrooms in the United States alone. Cleantech Group estimated that the average Airbnb guest night results in 61% less CO2 emissions as compared to a night in a hotel. At the same time, Airbnb is an economic empowerment tool for hosts who can use their homes – typically their greatest expense – to share space and generate a little extra money to pay the bills. We’re excited to work with SolarCity to make renewable energy more affordable and accessible to everyone in the Airbnb community.”

Toby Corey, President of Global Sales and Customer Experience, SolarCity observed:

“Our partnership with Airbnb demonstrates the important role energy plays in our everyday lives – including travel – and how clean energy can reduce everyone’s carbon impact on the world,” said. “Homeowners that make the simple switch to solar energy can save money on utility bills and fix their energy costs for years to come. This partnership will create the first opportunity for many Airbnb guests to stay in a solar-powered home, and allow them to experience first-hand how easy it is to use clean energy to contribute to a cleaner, healthier society.”