SolarReserve secures 150 MW solar thermal project in Australia

Written By: Katherine Demetre
August 15, 2017

solarreserve solar thermal project

SolarReserve recently announced it secured a 150 MW solar thermal project with 8 hours of energy storage near the town of Port Augusta, South Australia.

South Australia’s Premier, Jay Weatherill, commented:

The Port Augusta story is a stark example of the transition of the South Australian economy, with the closure of a dirty coal fired power station, and now the commissioning of this world leading renewable energy project.

He also noted that construction of the plant would begin in 2018.

In addition, Aurora Solar Energy Project announced they would utilize SolarReserve’s solar thermal technology with integrated molten salt energy storage. The company stated it would produce 1100 MW-hours of energy storage and meet the South Australian Government’s annual electricity consumption.

Stephen Lacey of GreenTech Media noted:

If SolarReserve can live up to the terms of the contract, the delivered price will be competitive with a new combined-cycle natural-gas plant in South Australia.