SimpliPhi Power nearly doubles installed energy storage capacity

Written By: Stratton Report
January 11, 2017


On January 11, SimpliPhi Power announced that it had nearly doubled its energy storage deployments from 5-MWs in mid-2015 to 9-MWs at the end of 2016, and increased its revenue by over 100 percent.

The company also announced that it was informed recently, that in the six years the DoD has been utilizing SimpliPhi batteries in its expeditionary units worldwide, the agency has experienced zero failures related to the batteries.

The firm also noted that it had also achieved a 30 percent reduction in pricing for its energy storage solutions over the past two years and obtained UL certification for its PHI 3.4 kWh 24V and 4.48V batteries in 2016.

SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg observed:

“Beyond SimpliPhi’s core value proposition, optimizing any generation source and extending access into the night and beyond the limits of the grid, our energy storage solutions continue to gain significant traction because they solve problems that directly impact the bottom line and accelerate the ROI for businesses, governments, utility, military, humanitarian and emergency response markets. Our energy storage and management systems do for the power industry what cell phones did for the communications industry – allow freedom of access anytime, anywhere. We’ve been operating profitably since 2013 and celebrate our global network of partners who represent the vision characteristic of early adopters that have contributed significantly to our success through their continued business. The potential global market for energy storage is vast, and with deployments in the field since 2002, we offer a proven track-record of robust, reliable and enduring energy storage solutions beyond specification sheets that support an ever-growing network of installers and sales channels.”

SimpliPhi also emphasized that its recently introduced plug & play AccESS unit is currently being installed in California, Hawaii and other states. On the commercial side, the high voltage PHI 256 kWh 480 VDC battery building blocks, introduced last July, are gaining traction for their performance profile, ease of installation and scalability.