Schneider Electric to supply backup power for 3200 Ah Lithium Iron battery

Written By: Katherine Demetre
September 5, 2017

schneider-electric IoT backup power microgrid

Iron Edison Battery Company recently selected Schneider Electric to supply backup power as part of a solar installation in California.

According to the company, the project utilizes Schneider’s inverters in a system that would provide a residence with 61.2kW of continuous backup power and 166kW-hours of total energy storage capacity. The 61.2kW multi-cluster consists of nine inverter/chargers configured to 120/208V 3-phase.

Evan Vogel, Director of Marketing, Schneider Electric Solar Business, commented:

Schneider Electric is delighted to work with Iron Edison and OnTime Energy on this exciting project. We have seen off-grid solar make a difference in locations such as California, and know it really changes lives for the better in so many locations in developing nations where it replaces costly diesel generated energy.