Scale Energy Solutions aims to increase energy efficiency for legal cannabis cultivation

Written By: Stratton Report
December 7, 2016


On December 7, Scale Energy Solutions, a new company formed by entrepreneurs from Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the United States Air Force Academy, announced that it will target the energy needs of the indoor cultivation sector of the legal cannabis industry.

According to Scale, over 95% of legal cannabis is grown in controlled indoor/greenhouse environments, using a significant amount of energy. Per the firm, despite legal cannabis’ status as an infant industry, it is already estimated to consume as much as 1% of the entire nation’s energy supply.

Scale Energy Solutions aims to help cultivators solve this problem by integrating cutting-edge clean technology solutions into their facilities. The results: lower energy costs and improved environmental footprint, with a rapid ROI.

Timothy Hade, Co-Founder of Scale Energy Solutions observed:

“Marijuana is the most energy intense manufacturing process in the United States today. Producing a pound of marijuana uses 300 times more energy than producing a pound of aluminum.”

Scale stressed that clean technology solutions are a way for cultivators to reduce operating costs and improve profit margins, which will be especially important as cannabis supplies increase, and growers are forced to lower prices in an increasingly commoditized market. Scale claims that it can provide analysis, consultation, and a range of solutions for both existing grow operations and those in the planning phase.