Retailer Ethical Electric rebrands as CleanChoice Energy, enters community solar development

Written By: Stratton Report
November 3, 2016


On November 3, B Corp certified Ethical Electric announced it has changed its name to CleanChoice Energy as it has launched community solar division.

According to the firm, CleanChoice Energy rebrand reflects the company’s expansion from solely a green retail electricity supplier into a company offering a range of clean energy alternatives.

Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO of CleanChoice Energy noted:

“Our mission is still empowering as many American homes and businesses as possible to make the switch to renewable energy. As we continue to evolve and add more products, the name CleanChoice Energy will better reflect our mission to make clean energy choices available to everyone – regardless of where they live or if they can own their own renewable energy.”

CleanChoice Energy will expand into community solar leveraging its retail customer network via campaign-based microtargeting. In September, the firm received a $1.25 million cooperative award from the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to build a technology platform to take community solar to scale, hoping to increase the availability and cost effectiveness of solar development. The company expressed hopes that it could lower the soft costs associated with community solar development by 75 percent.

CleanChoice emphasized that community solar represents one of the largest opportunities to expand renewable energy in America to reach millions of residents who can’t choose rooftop installations. The company expects to announce its first projects in fourth quarter 2016.

CleanChoice Energy indicates that it will continue serving its retail customers with a 100 percent green product that matches the customer’s usage from the grid with clean energy produced by regional wind and solar farms.