Renewable software provider Power Factors LLC buys Ekhosoft Inc.

Written By: Stratton Report
November 22, 2016

On November 22, Ekhosoft Inc., a provider of operational management software solutions, announced it had been acquired by Power Factors LLC, a software provider for monitoring, managing and optimizing renewable energy assets.

Patrick Ramsey, CEO and Founder of Ekhosoft, noted: “For the past 15 years, Ekhosoft has built powerful, event-driven software tools for some of the top industrial and renewables customers around the world. Our team of experienced developers and technology specialists has more than 450 combined years of experience building software solutions for our customers. Our development team is second to none.”

Steve Scales, EVP and co-founder of California-based Power Factors observed:

“Power Factors’ mission is to give our customers the tools they need to optimize the health and performance of their assets and drive bottom line economics. This acquisition is significant because it gives us a deep development bench from which to continue to innovate and push forward what we believe is already the most fully integrated and robust set of tools in the industry. This acquisition will enable us to serve our traditional market as well as expand into the industrial marketplace.”

Under this acquisition the Industrials division of Ekhosoft will continue to operate under the same name, with the same core group of personnel, and continue to focus on the industrial marketplace. The renewables division of Ekhosoft will be merged with Power Factors to continue the development and promotion of their leading software for the renewable energy marketplace.