Rayton Solar launches crowdfunding campaign to bring new technology to solar panel manufacture

Written By: Stratton Report
July 13, 2016

On July 13, Rayton Solar, Inc. announced an equity crowdfunding campaign to bring a new solar panel manufacturing process to market.

Rayton Solar has created what it describes as a new silicon cutting technique with the potential to reduce solar panel manufacturing costs by upwards of 60% compared to industry standards. The technique, according to the company, will also make them 25% more efficient. The process utilizes a novel method of cutting wafers that wastes far less silicon than conventional technology, per the firm.

By using very small quantities of silicon, Rayton Solar is able to take advantage of float-zone silicon in its manufacturing process, which, according to the startup, no other manufacturer has been able to accomplish economically.

Andrew Yakub, CEO of Rayton Solar noted:

“The solar industry has seen tremendous growth over the past couple years and we have reached the point where it is just about to overtake fossil fuels as the least expensive source of energy on the planet. We know solar is the most sustainable energy source for the future of humanity. Solar needs a slight push to get it over that threshold where it can compete with fossil fuels. Rayton Solar’s technology is that push. Thanks to our Reg A+ campaign, now anyone can join us in bringing this vision to life.”