PJM explores new challenges to grid security

Written By: Katherine Demetre
September 29, 2017

PJM Interconnection grid

Recently, PJM Interconnection conducted its Grid 20/20: Focus on Security & Resilience conference to facilitate discussion among electric industry leaders on the role of resilience in electric transmission planning, operations and power markets. Experts discussed cyber and physical security challenges.

PJM CEO and President Andrew L. Ott, commented:

We used to talk about equipment failure and outages caused by storms. Now, the threat profile has changed, the considerations are broader. There could be intentional attacks – cyber or physical. Those concerns lead us beyond reliability and into resilience.

For PJM, Ott said, resilience is the ability of the grid to withstand or bounce back quickly from all events that pose additional operational risks. These risks range from extreme weather to earthquakes, cyber and physical attacks, and events not yet imagined.

The keynote speaker, Paul Stockton, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and America’s Security Affairs, described a landscape of emerging physical and cyber threats to the electric power system.

Stockton said all of the challenges he put forward illuminate how resilience differs from reliability and why it is increasingly vital. Meanwhile, they offer immediate opportunities for progress and long-term transmission planning.

“We’re facing an increasingly severe international environment,” he said. “That’s all the more reason to care about resilience and, most importantly, build practical steps to strengthen resilience.”

Capitalize on Opportunities to Optimize Your Position in PJM’s Dynamic Market

PJM and its market participants are entering an unprecedented period of uncertainty following the results of 2020/2021 Base Residual Auction (BRA), marking the first time PJM’s capacity market will procure only capacity performance (CP) resources. The shift in the CP paradigm represents a fundamental change in PJM’s market rules that introduces new risks and new opportunities.

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