ORIX USA partners with IGS Solar to invest in 13 C&I solar pojects, intends to build nationwide portfolio

Written By: Stratton Report
March 27, 2017

On March 27, ORIX USA announced today a partnership with IGS Solar, a commercial and residential solar provider.

Per ORIX, it will develop, acquire and operate a nationwide portfolio of commercial and industrial solar energy generation projects with IGS across the United States.

ORIX stressed it will initially invest in a group of assets that includes 13 solar energy projects across seven states that are either in operation or currently under construction. The two companies expect to continue to grow their joint portfolio, making additional investments in projects within the coming months.

Barry Gold, Managing Director and Head of ORIX Infrastructure and Renewable Energy noted: “Together with IGS, we are well-positioned to rapidly expand our portfolio of renewable energy assets. ORIX has a long history of investing in a broad array of infrastructure assets—specifically renewable energy generation. Investing in solar projects is especially attractive given our ability to utilize both the tax and cash benefits directly. Being part of the ORIX Corporation group, we have substantial resources, capital and industry expertise to put behind infrastructure and renewable energy assets.[/p]

Scott White, President and CEO of IGS, observed:  “Our alignment with ORIX fits closely with our long-term approach. We share the same culture of innovation, commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and dedication to making solar accessible, particularly to organizations that haven’t previously been able to consider it due to the upfront costs.”