OpTerra to do energy upgrade for Cosumnes Community Services District

Written By: Stratton Report
September 15, 2016


On September 15, OpTerra Energy Services announced it had begun an energy efficiency upgrade for Cosumnes Community Services District. According to OpTerra, the District will generate over $2 million in net savings as a result of energy efficiency upgrades across 22 sites, including community centers, parks, and fire stations.

Cosumnes CSD General Manager Jeff Ramos noted:

“We’re committed to providing environmentally and fiscally responsible energy operations that benefit our residents and the District as a whole. We look forward to advancing our energy operations and embarking on this program with OpTerra.”

OpTerra Energy Services will provide the District with LED lighting, HVAC replacements, wireless thermostats and solar-powered shade structures for parked cars.

Cosumnes CSD hopes the energy savings will allow it to address deferred maintenance and ongoing modernization work at no extra financial burden to ratepayers.

OpTerra Energy Services President and CEO John Mahoney remarked: “OpTerra’s innovative solar and energy conservation capabilities open new doors for Cosumnes CSD and other agencies in the Greater Sacramento area that previously did not think this work was financially possible. We are proud to work with Cosumnes on this fiscally responsible project that takes advantage of available rebates, creates local jobs, reduces the District’s environmental footprint, and ensures that the District is able to provide high quality services to its constituents for years to come.”