Stratton Report onsite covering New York Energy Revolution Summit

Written By: Stratton Report
August 2, 2017


The Focus is Shifting to Implementation — Capture a Piece of the New York Clean Energy Market!


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The focus for 2017 is squarely on the implementation of both the New York REV and the new Clean Energy Standard. With the recent value of D and the DSIP rulemakings, and roll out of CES procurement plans and rate-making orders expected over the next few months, the New York market is poised to jump forward. However, such a market transformation can only be sustained if a delicate balance is established between market participants that retains utility shareholder value while creating economic returns for investments in DERs and renewable energy projects, and enables the reliable operation of transactive energy markets.

The 3rd New York Energy Revolution Summit is bringing together utility, distributed energy resource (DER) providers, renewable energy, storage and other stakeholders and discussing how to create development processes that are workable and projects that are viable.

Leading policy makers and energy industry executives discussed:

  • The new tariff mechanisms and their role in defining value stacks for DERs
  • How the utility transition to DSPs is creating partnership opportunities
  • Creating a roadmap for dual participation in retail and wholesale markets
  • Integration of storage and other distributed assets
  • Investment flow and opportunities to gain funding from both public and private sources
  • How to best determine DERMs needs and procure systems and technologies


Panel discussion: Impacts of the Value of DER Tariff Mechanisms – Defining Value Stacks for DERS

Rick Umoff of SEIA commented,

We have a lot of work to do with Track 2 – how do we make the right regulatory reforms to bring one of the main stakeholders, utilities, to truly embrace DERs

NY Energy revolution Summit

Panel discussion: Customer Engagement and Communications under the New York Rev

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Chris Kallaher commented:

Companies like Direct Energy need to be the front end that communicates the benefits of the DERs to the customers. It has to be simple not only for C&I customers, but residentials, but with them, you need to talk in terms of gamification

NY Rev Summit panel 2