Natcore Technology and Denzo Group Australia double size of planned solar project in Australia

Written By: Stratton Report
March 2, 2017


On March 2, Natcore Technology announced that it had increased the size of a solar project planned for Bundaberg, Australia. The solar project is being developed in partnership with Denzo Group Australia. Natcore and Denzo plan to form Clean Holdings Pty Ltd., a Special Purpose Vehicle in Australia to develop the Queensland project.

Natcore stressed that while the project was originally planned as a 30-MW solar farm on a 90-hectare site, it will now be a 58-MW farm on a 188-hectare site, and will have land set aside for a proof-of-concept battery storage facility.

According to Natcore, Denzo has secured the land; has advanced negotiations with the Powerlink, the transmission owner; and has filed a pre-development application to the Bundaberg Regional Council, receipt of which has been acknowledged.

Ken Mathews, Managing Director of Denzo remarked: [/p]Our intention is to use Natcore’s ‘Best of Breed’ innovation to produce a working example of the very latest solar generation technology, coupled with the best storage available to generate stable electricity at a realistic capital investment and a bankable ROI. [/p]

Per Natcore, Denzo has a pipeline of 200 megawatts of large-scale solar projects in progress in the east coast of Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Natcore noted that it functions as a consultant or general contractor on the design and construction of solar cell/solar panel fabrication facilities and solar power farms, recommending a selection of manufacturing equipment to its clients, as well as providing exclusive access, on a geographical basis, to the company’s newest technologies, including black silicon, laser processing and rear contact technology as those technologies come on line.

Natcore President and CEO Chuck Provini observed: “This project is moving along nicely. We’re mostly dealing with the private sector here, so there are precedents that help guide us from beginning to end, including predictable cost and pricing models.”