Limited Seating Available: Register for Managing DERs

Written By: Stratton Report
April 7, 2017

Increasing amounts of distributed energy resources have stressed traditional methods of managing the grid.  At the same time, DERs are also offering new strategies, new resources and new solutions for today’s evolving grid.

DERs—including power storage, distributed solar, automated demand response, virtual power plants, microgrids and more–are giving grid managers new ways to shift and reduce loads, to provide frequency regulation, to automate demand response, to aggregate customer resources, to store power, and to enhance grid resiliency.

This tutorial will show how grid managers are incorporating and controlling these new resources.  A remarkable faculty of utility execs and energy service providers will explain how these novel approaches are working today, and how they can best be used going forward, based on case studies of real-world deployments.

If you need to know about how to control and integrate DERs into your grid, or if you are developing new DERs, this is a can’t-miss Stratton Report meeting.

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