LA Solar Group offers a roofing + solar + storage solution for homeowners

Written By: Stratton Report
February 10, 2017

On February 10, the LA Solar Group announced its Empower Program, which will facilitate installing solar during the construction or repair of a roof.  This allows roofers to honor their roof material warranties while the property owner can be assured that both roofing and solar projects are being completed together rather than a later date with all warranties in place.

Robert Sarai, Business Development Manager noted:

Our goal with the Empower Program is to allow property owners to comfortably finance any roof repair work that is needed without paying any additional cost toward the solar system. In other words, the system itself is the new roof. What’s great about the program is how committed we are to maximize the savings a property owner will receive with solar ready roofing. That’s why Empower also includes a battery storage unit, making it the most productive and affordable energy product in the market.