IPL opens 20 MW storage facility provided by affiliate, AES Energy Storage

Written By: Stratton Report
July 12, 2016


On July 12, Indianapolis Power & Light Company, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation announced the opening of its IPL Advancion Energy Storage Array Facility at the Harding Street Generation Station.

The Advancion Array is the first grid-scale, battery-based energy storage system in the 15-state MISO region. The IPL Advancion Array provides 20 megawatts (MW) of interconnected energy storage equivalent to 40 MW of flexible resource with operational flexibility

Rafael Sanchez, IPL President & CEO noted: “IPL is committed to developing energy solutions that balance affordability for our customers and the impact on the environment. This array provides an innovative approach to helping address the challenges that come with diversifying our energy mix with more wind and solar resources.”

John Zahurancik, President of AES Energy Storage noted:

“Advancion 4, our fourth generation solution, was developed to meet the needs of utilities like IPL who are looking for innovative and proven solutions. With nearly a decade of energy storage experience and more than 3 million megawatt hours of delivered service across the installed base, Advancion will deliver value immediately and for many years to come.”