GE Renewable Energy books $100+MM deal for hydro pumped storage project

Written By: Stratton Report
August 11, 2017


GE Renewable Energy recently announced that it booked a turnkey contract for a 344 MW Kokhav Hayarden hydro pumped storage station, which is poised to be the second station installed in Israel.

Per the company, they are responsible for the design, manufacture, supply and installation of all electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment, as well as the complete balance of plant for the two 172 MW pumped-storage units. The project is executed by a consortium led by Chinese EPC SinoHydro.

GE Renewable Energy also announced that they have signed a 20-year Operation & Maintenance agreement, covering day-to-day operation and maintenance of the power plant.

Yves Rannou, President & CEO of GE’s Hydro Solutions said:

Hydro pumped storage enables the integration of new renewable and intermittent energies to the grid. In Israel, where solar energy is booming, hydro pumped storage plants are critical to securing the stability of the grid. We are committed to providing world class technology and supporting our customers in operating the plant at its optimal level through its first 20 years of operation.

The project development is planned to last 52 months, with commissioning expected in 2021.