Greensmith Energy installs software platform at existing AEP ESS, enables it to play in PJM frequency regulation market

Written By: Stratton Report
April 4, 2017


On April 4, Greensmith Energy, a provider of energy storage software and services, announced it had installed its GEMS software platform at an existing AEP energy storage site, enabling the ESS to offer new services including qualifying for the PJM frequency regulation market.

According to Greensmith, the sodium sulphur battery energy storage system, widely used at utility substations around the world, had previously been used as a backup system for AEP’s distribution network in the region. The firm stressed that after its newly-completed software upgrade, the 2-MW, 14-MWh West Virginia system passed PJM’s qualification tests with a performance score on par with lithium-ion battery systems purpose-built for frequency regulation applications.

Ram Sastry, AEP’s Vice President, Infrastructure and Business Continuity remarked: “The addition of Greensmith’s software platform and their system expertise have allowed us to expand the use of this energy storage system into a revenue-generating asset through the PJM frequency regulation market. This upgrade ensures that our Appalachian Power customers will reap the benefits of improved reliability of the grid and the revenue generated by the system through its enhanced capabilities.”

John Jung, President and CEO of Greensmith Energy observed:

This retrofit installation demonstrates that simply all batteries perform better with GEMS. Now in its fifth generation, the GEMS platform has been deployed with over 200 MW of energy storage systems using batteries from more than 16 battery manufacturers and 14 power conditioning system vendors. Fitted to the large installed base of sodium sulphur and other battery chemistries, GEMS can unlock the hidden value of gigawatts of storage capacity for utilities around the world.

Greensmith emphasized that AEP had made a strategic investment in Greensmith in August 2015.