Green Mountain Power and Efficiency Vermont to spur energy upgrades in Panton VT

Written By: Stratton Report
August 23, 2016

Green Mountain Power m2

On August 23, Green Mountain Power announced it is partnering with Efficiency Vermont on a community-wide energy project in Panton, VT. The project will allow the town to know its total energy use, cost and carbon impact, giving it the ability to track energy and carbon-saving improvements.

Per the company, the project, will be known as eVolve Panton, Green Mountain Power and Efficiency Vermont will work with local residents and businesses to get baseline data about energy use, cost and carbon and use the data to measure improvements. Residents will be offered technical assistance, financial incentives and financing to spur what the company terms an energy transformation in Panton. GMP and Efficiency Vermont will also partner with contractors to offer energy retrofits for homes and businesses, the addition of efficient heating and cooling systems like cold climate heat pumps, technologies like battery storage, installation of renewable energy generation, and adoption of efficient transportation solutions.

Mary Powell, President and CEO of Green Mountain Power observed:

“When communities and energy providers work together, powerful things can happen, We will accomplish in 12 months what would otherwise take 20 years, and when we are done, the people of Panton will have transformed their energy system into one that is more reliable, efficient and affordable.”

Scott Johnstone, the Executive Director of the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation commented: “This partnership will show that we are stronger working together to benefit Vermonters. We are so excited to begin this innovative work in Panton, and to bring it to other communities across Vermont.”

Liz Gamache, Director of Efficiency Vermont remarked: “Vermonters have long embraced energy efficiency. But never before has there been such an intensive effort to help everyone in the community save energy and save money, helping to reduce carbon throughout the community and transform our energy future.”