FivePoint to develop net-zero master planned community Newhall Ranch, will offset carbon from construction

Written By: Stratton Report
November 3, 2016

On November 3, master-planned community developer FivePoint announced that its Newhall Ranch planned community will result in no net emissions of greenhouse gases from both construction and operations. The firm emphasized that this will be a first for a community of its scale in the United States.

FivePoint intends to implement what the firm described as a comprehensive array of green innovations onsite and within L.A. County, as well as funding direct emissions reduction activities in California and around the world.  Additional sustainability features will include the permanent, funded protection of 10,000 acres of open space and extensive measures to conserve water.

Emile Haddad, Chairman and CEO of FivePoint remarked:

“FivePoint is proud to introduce this vision for Newhall Ranch, designed to create a new paradigm for responsible community-building and a model for living and working sustainably in California. By harnessing innovation and collaborating with leading environmental organizations, we will create a new standard of environmental sustainability and a lasting investment in our future.”

According to the development firm, California state officials released a draft additional environmental analysis for the Newhall Ranch plan to address the two issues raised by a recent decision of the California Supreme Court. The analysis recognized that Newhall Ranch will result in no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions with the adoption of greenhouse gas mitigation measures. The California Air Resources Board reviewed the technical analysis and concluded that Newhall Ranch “would not result in any net additional GHG emissions after the mitigation measures are fully implemented.”FivePoint notes that it will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a variety of sustainability measures onsite, including designing homes, commercial buildings and public facilities to meet Zero Net Energy standards within Newhall Ranch, installing electric vehicle charging stations in every home as well as 2,000 onsite charging stations in commercial and community areas, and subsidies for electric vehicle purchases; utilizing electric school bus and neighborhood electric vehicle programs, transit subsidies, tech-enabled mobility features, bike-share and car-share programs, and more.

Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director of Climate Resolve commented: “Bringing greenhouse gas emissions to zero is a landmark moment for development in the United States. Climate Resolve appreciates this opportunity to create climate solutions that benefit the low-income communities most at risk from climate impacts. The best way to address the climate crisis right now is with local projects that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and prepare Los Angeles to be more climate-resilient in the future.”

Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America remarked: “FivePoint has committed to make this the most EV-friendly development in California history – and a model for future projects. As the national consumer voice for electric vehicles, we are excited to work with them to make that a reality.”

Holly Schroeder, President and CEO of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation observed: “Santa Clarita is the third-largest city in Los Angeles County and the centerpiece of a region with 90,000 jobs. Newhall Ranch will accelerate our efforts to continue strengthening the Santa Clarita Valley with good jobs and a high quality of life. Particularly exciting is the prospect of becoming a hub for the innovative clean-tech industries that will be drawn to this development, especially in the renewable energy and electric vehicle fields.”