EnSync will aggregate and control DER assets at commercial sites to demonstrate control platform

Written By: Stratton Report
March 20, 2017

On March 20, EnSync, Inc., a developer of DER systems and internet of energy control platforms, announced its software will aggregate and control energy technology at commercial sites in real-time to fulfill power requests during the Maui Energy Conference on March 22nd and 23rd.

Per the firm, a live-feed of the aggregated sites, two operating in Hawaii and one on the mainland, will show via a dashboard the export of power to the electrical grid based on simulated grid power requests, real-time system monitoring of PV production, energy storage availability, and power flows.

EnSync stressed that its IOE software platform allows it aggregate distributed resources which in turn can be monetized for spot market sales of electricity and grid support services.

Jim Koeppe, DER Flex Product Manager at EnSync Energy Systems remarked:

Distributed energy resources, especially solar, are a large part of Hawaii’s electricity market. With ever-evolving policy changes, grid operators and behind-the-meter DER owners are increasingly looking for options that allow them to utilize existing infrastructure, while ensuring adaptability and revenue growth into the future. DER Flex is a deployed solution in Hawaii that delivers value to stakeholders on both sides of the meter. 

The company noted that while often deployed behind-the-meter, its software is a utility-grade platform and is SCADA and NERC CIP compatible which enables secure and reliable communication links to utilities and ISOs.

EnSync Energy’s project development subsidiary, Holu Energy, also intends to highlight behind-the-meter Hawaii-based commercial projects utilizing EnSync Energy’s suite of DER capabilities, including Century West AOAO and University of the Nations.