EnSync launches industry initiative to accelerate utility adoption of DERs

Written By: Katherine Demetre
September 14, 2017

ensync DER PPA

Recently, EnSync Energy Systems announced the launch of a utility vertical initiative, targeting investor-owned utilities, independent system operators (ISOs) and third-party generators. EnSync Energy’s matrix energy management and DER flex technologies is set to provide the initial market entry products and services to accomplish automated visibility and control of distributed electric generation resources on both sides of the conventional utility meter.

Per the company, they contracted Deborah Galimba, president and chief executive officer of XUTILITY, to lead the utility vertical initiative. She would be responsible for optimizing utility-scale power source deployment, empowering system operators and tapping into new financial opportunities in third-party private markets.

Galimba commented:

Our grid evolution tools provide remote visibility to system operators and encourage third-party energy generation, while allowing utilities to maintain and extend their roles as the vital service provider. By modernizing utility infrastructure with our technologies, teams can reduce outage risk, increase grid stability and streamline safe remote power deployment, which ultimately benefits electricity consumers everywhere.

Stratton Report had the pleasure of filming Dan Nordloh, Executive Vice President of Ensync Energy Systems

How would you characterize the current DER competitive landscape and what are some of the opportunities and challenges DER providers are having?

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