EnSync, Inc. to supply DER control technology to California-state funded project

Written By: Stratton Report
April 11, 2017

On April 11, EnSync, Inc. a developer of DER systems and internet of energy control platforms announced it will be supplying the technology platform for the Chemehuevi Native American tribe’s community center.

According to EnSync, the California Research Initiative for Solar Energy (SC-RISE) obtained California-state funding to build a commercially available system for the tribe that demonstrates DERs and grid load management, while addressing energy resiliency and reliability issues at the community center, which also serves as the tribe’s Emergency Response Center.

EnSync noted that the SC-RISE team had chosen EnSync Energy’s integrated technology solutions to help in reducing the community center energy costs immediately, and in establishing a platform for prioritizing electrical applications as well as enabling aggregation and monetization of distributed generation assets.

Per the firm, its platform technology will support peak load, demand reduction, and additional energy strategies developed by the University of California Riverside research team, while also providing capability to interface with the local utility for grid services and spot market sale of electricity.

EnSync Energy’s DER system will integrate a 90 kilowatt solar PV array, and energy storage totaling 125-kWhs.

University of California Riverside SC-RISE Managing Director, Alfredo Martinez-Morales, PhD remarked: “Our research team at the university has significant goals for helping our partners at the Chemehuevi tribe reach true resiliency at their site, and we feel the Matrix technology and forward-thinking software like DER Flex are an ideal fit for attaining those goals. The EnSync Energy technology goes beyond the traditional standard inverter technology to provide a truly integrated platform that doesn’t require multiple vendors to get involved and numerous software upgrades down the road, which is a great option for this project with the Chemehuevi community.”

Brad Hansen, CEO and President of EnSync Energy Systems observed:

This partnership will accomplish many goals of the tribe by not only reducing their electricity costs and adding resiliency during critical times and emergency situations, but also establishing them at the forefront of using generation assets to participate in real-time utility and ISO energy markets,”. “We believe that building the bridge between DER users and utilities through our DER Flex® IOE software in this economically challenged region is one small step towards closing the green divide found in communities across America.

According to EnSync, the project is scheduled to be commissioned in 2017.