EnSync Energy to provide DER management system for DC retrofit of Alliance for Sustainable Colorado building

Written By: Stratton Report
April 18, 2017


On April 18, EnSync Energy Systems announced it was providing its energy management platform and IOE software to the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado for the retrofit of the organization’s building retrofit from AC  to DC in order to showcase the DC system’s commercial advantages.

According to EnSync Energy, its technology will manage all onsite renewable energy, energy storage, and the grid interconnection, synchronizing in real-time to ensure the most efficient electricity is serving the building loads.

EnSync stressed that the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is making their 40,000 square-foot, six-story building in downtown Denver a laboratory for retrofitting existing commercial buildings with a DC system that incorporates renewable energy resources.

Per the firm, this project will showcase how converting commercial buildings to DC increases energy efficiency in the facility by eliminating conversion losses between AC and DC, and reducing transmission losses that result when transporting electricity across long distances.

Brad Hansen, CEO and President of EnSync Energy Systems noted:

EnSync Energy’s technology is a DC-based energy synchronization system at its core.  It features the innovative Matrix™ Energy Management platform because it’s ideally suited for forward-thinking DER microgrids like the Alliance building. We share a vision with all the great companies involved in this initiative because we’ve witnessed how DC can significantly improve reliability and efficiencies, drive down costs and incorporate distributed renewable energy easier than traditional AC-based electrical systems.

John Powers, Founder and Board President of the Alliance observed: “When we make presentations about DC microgrids we often get asked how long we think it’ll take until these systems will be a major player, and some industry people report that it’ll be years from now. That’s not our reality. We are accelerating this system on the basis of commercially available technology that can build sustainable DC microgrids today, and have an installed project by summer 2017,” he added.

According to the firm, the dcProject will be built in phases with the first phase including the addition of 20 kilowatts of rooftop solar PV, 84 kWhs of EnSync Energy lithium-ion energy storage batteries, a 380 volt DC bus to serve the DC load in the building for the first floor only, and EnSync’s Energy’s DER Flex™ IOE software to provide the Alliance building with the capability to manage internal loads and potential future aggregation of DER assets.

EnSync stressed that PVI Construction has coordinated contributors and stakeholders in this ground-breaking project.

PVI’s principal Bern Gallagher noted: “While we are managing construction and integration of the enabling technologies, this endeavor means far more to PVI than just another project. We believe in the future of DC facilities, and therefore are investing our resources to help achieve the region’s first operational DC microgrid.”