Eltropy provides customizable solar installer portal to improve buying experience

Written By: Stratton Report
July 12, 2016

On July 12, Eltropy announced a solar customer portal platform for solar installers. The installers can customize the portal to maintain complete control of their branding, sales process and customer relationships.

Ashish Garg, CEO of Eltropy noted:

“Solar installers work incredibly hard to give their customers a great buying experience. Solar selling traditionally has a lot of back-and-forth, with a lot that can go wrong in the many weeks between Lead Gen and PTO. Uncertainty leads to buyer frustration and more hard work for the installer. We took inspiration from how Amazon.com has revolutionized the buying experience for retail purchases. Buyers love an online, self-serve buying experience. With Eltropy, each solar installer can now provide the same experience for solar purchases. By giving more power and visibility to their buyers, solar salespeople and installers can manage more jobs, and get way more done in their workday while maintaining an excellent customer experience from the first conversation to PTO and beyond.”