Eguana Technologies and E-Gear LLC see energy storage restoring demand for solar in Hawaii

Written By: Stratton Report
November 22, 2016


On November 22, grid management and energy storage provider Eguana Technologies Inc. announced growing market traction in Hawaii with partner E-Gear LLC and receipt of CAD 1.8 million ($1.34 million) purchase order to meet increasing demand in early 2017.

According to Eguana, the Hawaiian solar industry is relying upon success of the new energy storage driven Customer Self Supply (CSS) program to rebuild sales volume. The company claims as evidence Hawaiian Electric Company’s report of a 368% increase in CSS applications since October, stressing that the dramatic increase in applications is a big step in rebuilding the local solar sector, which had been reduced by over 40% as a result of previous program changes.

Justin Holland, CEO of Eguana Technologies noted:

“With the restoration of market certainty, we are now seeing the acceleration of energy storage sales and installations. It has been a tumultuous year for solar policy in Hawaii however with the addition of energy storage, markets are now moving and we are seeing renewed growth in Hawaii’s solar sector through E-Gear’s solar plus storage solution. We have maintained a very strong relationship with E-Gear ownership through the utility standstill and it’s exciting to see the hard work of both teams get rewarded with early market leadership.”

Eguana emphasized that it would work together with E-Gear to ensure product availability to meet growing demands in 2017, while observing that the E-Gear / Eguana / LG Chem is the first energy storage system approved in all 3 Hawaii solar tariffs allowing sales opportunities in both the new and retrofit markets.

Steve Godmere, co-founder of E-Gear remarked: “Being in Hawaii from the beginning of the distributed generation boom, gives us the ability to understand what is needed for a complete and viable solution. Eguana Technologies’ high-efficiency power control and conversion system and LG Chem’s proven long-life advanced lithium-ion batteries complete the system.”

Chris DeBone, co-founder of E-Gear commented: “With every system being installed we are inching Hawaii closer and closer to its 100% renewable energy goal. We are effectively creating Hawaii’s largest distributed virtual power plant.”