Competitive Power Ventures’ new 725-MW gas-fired project starts selling capacity, energy and ancillary services into PJM

Written By: Stratton Report
March 14, 2017

On March 14, Competitive Power Ventures announced that its gas-fired 725-MW St. Charles Energy Center in Waldorf, Charles County, Maryland had achieved commercial operation, selling capacity, energy and ancillary services into the transmission-constrained SWMAAC zone of the PJM market.

According to Competitive Power Ventures, the project is owned by a consortium of CPV, Marubeni, Toyota Tsusho and Osaka Gas USA.  

Gary Lambert, CPV’s President and CEO noted: “The CPV St. Charles Energy Center improves the regional electric grid reliability with new, efficient, reliable, responsive power, while using recycled water for cooling maximizing water resource utilization and providing a new, potent economic driver for the region. Congratulations to all who contributed to bringing this project to fruition, for our investors, stakeholders and host community, all of whom are indispensable to CPV’s mission.”

Competitive Power Ventures claims that the project is one of the most efficient combined-cycle facilities in the PJM region.

Hiromichi Mizuno, General Manager, Overseas Power Project Dept.-III, Marubeni Corporation remarked: “Marubeni is proud to help Maryland shift to a greener mix of power resources, and expects the St. Charles project to provide ongoing benefits to the community in the form of jobs, economic activity and grid reliability. We are also very happy that CPV and the partners succeeded in delivering the project ahead of schedule and under budget.”

Shinichi Ushijima, General Manager of Power Project Development Department of Toyota Tsusho Corporation commented:

Congratulations to our long-time partner, CPV, and its dedicated team of professionals for achieving this important milestone. This St. Charles project is an excellent example of our focus on developing, building and operating highly-efficient, clean and competitive power plants in key US markets that create jobs, safeguard the environment and provide other community benefits. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with CPV, Charles County and community residents.

Hisaichi Yoneyama, President, Osaka Gas USA observed: “Osaka Gas USA takes pride in its participation in the CPV St. Charles project which uses state-of-the-art technology to produce electricity efficiently and cleanly to help meet the region’s demand for energy,” said. “We are pleased that the project will provide ongoing local community and regional benefits for decades to come.”