The 9th CCE program is launched in California

Written By: Katherine Demetre
September 22, 2017

san-jose-city-council community choice energy program

Recently, the San José City Council established a Community Choice Energy program to provide renewable energy choices to customers of their city.

According to the council, the San Jose Clean Choice (SJCE) would give customers the choice of buying a greener blend of power than the mix they currently receive from PG&E, while ensuring competitive rates and funding new green energy projects. The program would buy renewable energy on the open market and deliver it to customers using PG&E’s transmission system.

The City Council voted to require that SJCE provide customers at least one option with 10 percent more renewable energy than PG&E’s power blend and to offer a 100 percent GHG-free power mix option as soon as feasibly possible. In addition, SJCE would provide at least one option with a rate equal to or cheaper than PG&E’s rate.

The program is expected to launch in 2018 and would ramp up to serve roughly 300,000 customers by 2019.

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