California Climate Investments funds 29 electric school buses for Sacramento County

Written By: Stratton Report
March 22, 2017

On March 22, First Priority GreenFleet announced it is partnering with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to deploy 29 electric school buses and charging infrastructure throughout Sacramento County, including Twin Rivers, Elk Grove and Sacramento City Unified School Districts.

According to FirstPriority, the project, funded in-part by a grant from the California Air Resources Board through California Climate Investments, will provide the largest ever US-deployment of zero-emission school buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate mobile criteria pollutants, and provide sustainable transportation for school children in California’s capitol.

California Climate Investments is a statewide program that invests California’s billions of cap-and-trade dollars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Per the firm, school buses are the largest segment of mass transit in the United States, carrying twice as many passengers as the entire US transit bus and rail segments combined and existing diesel school bus fleets expose school children to toxic air contaminants and associated health risks.

First Priority GreenFleet stressed it will deploy the 100% battery-electric, zero-emission eLion Type C school buses and the Trans Tech all-electric eSeries , built on the Ford E450 chassis with an all-electric power train developed by Motiv Power Systems, as well as oversee the implementation of the charging infrastructure with EV Connect and the deployment of the Data Management System to optimize charging. 

The company pointed out that the project will utilize advancements in electrification of school bus fleets and charging optimization, including vehicle to grid integration.

Alex Cherepakhov, Chairman and CEO of First Priority Global remarked:

We are thrilled to partner with the California Air Resources Board and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to provide zero-emission buses to the school districts in California’s capitol. First Priority GreenFleet is proud to be delivering on the largest US deployment of zero-emission school buses to California that will eliminate mobile toxic exposure for school children, provide health benefits for the Sacramento region, and help California achieve its strong environmental policies and goals.

Larry Greene, Executive Director, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District observed: “The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District is thrilled to be able to be a partner in a program that will bring these zero-emission school buses to Sacramento where they will provide safe and efficient transportation to our schools and cleaner air for the students and the communities they serve.”

Peter Christensen, Manager of Innovative Heavy Duty Strategies at CARB noted: “This project is a great example of how the Cap-and-Trade program is fighting climate change while improving local air quality and delivering benefits to disadvantaged communities.”