AT&T provides Spruce Financial with metering solution for its solar lease and PPA customers

Written By: Stratton Report
September 27, 2016


On September 27, AT&T announced that it provided Spruce Finance Inc. with smart grid solutions supporting the residential solar industry.

Spruce monitors and maintains the systems of homeowners who have financed their systems with its leases or power purchase agreements. As the newest AT&T customer, Spruce now has an AT&T Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution that will ultimately support the ongoing development of smart cities.

AT&T provided a metering solution with a two-way 4G LTE wireless connection and near real-time information advantage for companies. It included smart grid meters and sensors, access to the LTE network and head-end applications for management of smart grid devices, and ongoing professional service support which includes assistance with project management, implementation, hosting and employee training.

Steve Olszewski, chief operating officer for Spruce noted:

“Spruce monitors and manages a large fleet of residential solar systems across the U.S. AT&T has developed an end-to-end solution with equipment, a national data network and software that allows us to view each system meter reliably, so we can see how the system is performing and troubleshoot as needed. This helps ensure consistent system performance for homeowners and smart interaction with the electric grid.”

Mike Zeto, general manager and executive director, AT&T Smart Cities observed: “We are committed to helping cities become smarter, cleaner and more energy-efficient. Innovation in the energy utility sector is a major component of the smart cities equation. We look forward to working with Spruce to deploy the next generation of IoT smart energy solutions in our communities.”