Advanced Microgrid Solutions to install energy storage in Invesco’s Southern California commercial buildings

Written By: Stratton Report
November 2, 2016

Advanced Microgrid Solutions

On November 2, Advanced Microgrid Solutions announced a partnership with Invesco Real Estate, the $71 billion real estate arm of leading investment management firm Invesco, to introduce hybrid electric building technology to Invesco’s California real estate portfolio.

According to AMS, under the initial agreement the firm will design, install and operate advanced energy storage systems at Invesco’s commercial buildings in Southern California, while analyzing the firm’s entire US portfolio for further deployments.

AMS expects that the project will reduce energy demand costs at the buildings by 30% and provide critical support to the state’s electric grid.

Susan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of AMS noted:

“In my opinion, Invesco is one of the largest and most forward-thinking real estate investors in the world. This initiative is a great example of a corporate leader stepping up to help build a stronger, more resilient grid when – and where – it is needed most.”

Per AMS, the firm’s hybrid electric building concept involves using energy storage technology and analytics software to improve energy efficiency, lower energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. During times of high energy demand and correspondingly high costs, the firm’s software shifts buildings from the electric grid to onsite energy storage systems, reducing load on the grid and minimizing the need for carbon-emitting peaker power plants that are often the highest-polluting generation resources for a utility.

The first buildings upgraded via the new partnership will be located in Aliso Viejo and will be powered by energy storage systems from Tesla. The systems, ranging in size from 250-kW/1,500-kWh to 500-kW/2,000-kWh, will be installed in late 2017 and will provide capacity to Southern California Edison in the highly constrained Aliso Canyon region.