Adara Power partners with Smart Utilities Systems to provide solar and storage analytics and to permit customer aggregation

Written By: Stratton Report
July 12, 2016

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On July 12, Adara Power, an energy storage provider, announced a partnership with Smart Utilities Systems, a cloud SAAS platform provider for digital customer engagement and big data analytics aimed at electric, gas and water utilities.

The partnership includes software integration of Adara’s residential and small commercial energy storage systems with SUS’s Smart Customer Mobile, a customer engagement and big data analytics platform.

The integration provides visibility of solar generation and energy storage data in the same user interface that a building or homeowner utilizes for smart thermostats, utility billing, EV charging and IoT devices.

Deepak Garg, SUS CEO/Chairman observed: “As electricity rates continue to rise and the solar industry shifts to a solar plus storage solution, utility customers are increasingly looking for tools that provide visibility and control of their energy consumption. The partnership enables SUS to deliver comprehensive and actionable solar-related energy information, accessible on one central web or mobile application.

The software integration is intended, according to SUS, to enable the aggregation of distributed energy storage systems in order to participate in utility-led demand response programs, providing an additional revenue stream for customers and improving the stability and resiliency of the grid.

Neil Maguire, Adara Power CEO noted:

“Energy storage demand is rapidly increasing around the country as utilities seek new, integrated solutions for power generation, distribution and transmission. Utilities can use the integrated SUS/Adara management system to aggregate distributed energy storage to offset peak energy requirements, increase overall grid resiliency, and deploy distributed renewable energy in place of traditional centralized power plant alternatives.”