How distributed energy resources (DERs) are impacting utility operations

Written By: Stratton Report
August 2, 2017


GridBright and CEATI recently announced a new report that indicates distributed energy resources (DERS)  should have an increasingly complex and widespread impact on utility operations as penetration grows.

According to the report, the penetration rates of DERs will continue to grow in number and magnitude, whilst impacting utilities in unprecedented ways.  The study assessed these impacts on distribution system operations to integrate these DERs within the network and control room.  

Terry Nielsen, Executive Vice President of GridBright, commented:

 While most studies focus on cost-benefits of DERs, our clients are starting to see significant operational technology and business process challenges and opportunities. The full impact of DER on our industry has yet to be understood to mitigate negative effects and optimize their benefits.

Per GridBright and CEATI, they plan to continue collaborating on advancing research in this area.